Adv. Sakshi Pawar is a distinguished and reputable legal professional with a thriving law practice, specializing in various areas of law. With a passion for justice and a commitment to her clients, Adv. Sakshi Pawar is known for providing expert legal counsel and representation.

My Background


Education and Experience

2010 - Present

Awards and Recognition

2015 - Present

Professional Memberships

Member since 2008

Recent Projects
a pen and some papers on a table
a pen and some papers on a table


Adv. Sakshi Pawar has successfully handled a wide range of cases, including criminal defense, family law, corporate law, and intellectual property. Her dedication and expertise have resulted in favorable outcomes for her clients.

Notable Cases

Adv. Sakshi Pawar has represented high-profile clients in several high-stakes cases, including landmark judgments in the Supreme Court. Her strategic approach and legal acumen have earned her a reputation for excellence.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer